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“Protected by MailStronghold” link Prior to commencing service, community edition users are required to place, and while using the service to maintain a link from the bottom of their home page to the MailStronghold website home page.
Denial of Service protection (DoS) Connection concurrency/rate controls to regulate the in-flow of mail to your mail server, so that it can respond to legitimate traffic even when sent a normally unsupportable traffic load.
DNS/URI Blacklists/whitelists Reject messages which have been sent from addresses of computers or networks linked to spamming and published on credible real-time blackhole lists.
Greylisting “Temporarily reject” any email from unrecognized senders. If the mail is legitimate the originating server will, after a delay, try again and the email will be accepted. If the mail is from a spam sender sending to many thousands of email addresses, it will probably not be retried.
Source address spoofing (Backscatter prevention) Supports Sender Policy Framework (SPF) – as defined in RFC 4408, enables you to specify which hosts are allowed to send e-mail from your domain using your DNS records. We provide recommended configuration.
Backup MX If your mail server is unavailable, we keep your inbound messages in a queue waiting for your server to become available again. We act as a store-and-forward mail server.
Click white listing An automated way for legitimate, rejected senders to authorize and unblock themselves.
In-bound protection Protection for mail coming into your mailboxes from external senders.
Out-bound protection Protection for mail sent from your mailboxes to external recipients.
Content scanning for spam/viruses Customizable scoring to automatically reject likely spam and viruses based on reviewing message content.
Block senders from the Zimbra web client (black/white list management) Licensed zimlet, a Zimbra plgu-in. Users may block senders for their mailboxes. Users with admin privileges are recognized and may block senders for the entire domain. Black/white lists may be managed.
Attachment blocking Block attachments such as .exe, in-bound and out-bound, for instance to prevent an infected computer on your network from sending outbound viruses.
Dangerous content detection and phishing detection/warnings Customizable warnings based on results of content scanning.
Signature appending Add a customizable, mandatory signature or disclaimer to all out-bound mail.
Message logging Advanced message logging and analysis through Mailstronghold web admin of inbound and outbound mail, for instance, to help verify message sending, and receipt.
Quarantining Optional isolation of prospective dangerous messages, and customizable warnings.
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