Features beyond ClamAV and SpamAssassin

End-user self-management

  • End-users/admins white/black list senders from Zimbra web client (ZWC)
  • End-users/admins manage their own, personal black/white lists from ZWC
  • Admins may white/black list & filter senders for entire domain from ZWC
  • Admins may manage white/black lists & filter for their entire domain from ZWC
  • Junk folder spam quarantine – review spam from ZWC or any mail client
  • Quarantine optionally configured for notifications, and customer/admin release
  • Admin website for reporting/logging to diagnose message send/delay/receipt

Screen shots

Advanced Capabilities

  • “Click-white-listing:” blocked, yet legitimate senders may self-whitelist
  • Automatic spam/virus updating via RTBLs (real-time black hole lists)
  • Off-loads anti-spam/virus processing from Zimbra to Mail Stronghold
  • Shields your Zimbra server, mitigating “back-scatter” & DoS attacks
  • May be configured for both in-bound and out-bound scanning
  • Backup MX: if your Zimbra is unavailable, email is held & delivered later
  • Extended options: encryption gateway, DLP, off-site archiving/eDiscovery…

Free Consultation

Many of these features are only included with Mail Stronghold’s Commercial Plan.  Please compare Plans.