Anti-spam/virus for your Zimbra server


Key features integrated directly into the Zimbra experience

End-users self-manage white/black lists for their mailboxes

Admins can manage white/black lists for their entire domain


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Mail Stronghold Cloud

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30-day free trial followed by no-nonsense, flat-rate, per-user pricing

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Empower your team. Secure your teamwork.


START frustrating spam & viruses. STOP frustrating your team!

Enable everyone to block and unblock senders quickly and easily

Improve automated detection and prevention of unwanted messages


Secure. Proven. Guaranteed.


Designed for commercial & GOV compliance & regulatory standards

Processed more than 1 billion messages last year alone!

99.9% availability service level agreement (SLA) and satisfaction guarantee


Community Plan

  • In-bound email protection
  • DNS/URI blacklists (RTBL)
  • RFC 4408 support (SPF)
  • "Click" white listing
  • Grey listing
  • Denial of service mitigation
  • Ad at bottom of your website

Commercial Plan

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Community features plus:
  • Anti-virus/spam scanning
  • Integrated black/white listing
  • Junk-folder spam quarantining
  • Out-bound content scanning
  • MX backup, and more, plus...
  • No ad at bottom of your website!

Custom Plan

Extended options:
  • S/MIME encryption gateway
  • Digital loss prevention (DLP)
  • Regulatory compliance design
  • Permanent archives/eDiscovery
  • Multi-tenant hosting integration
  • SSO & federated provisioning...


Zimbra (ZCS) version 6 or greater

Community/open source or commercial

Hosted or on-premises

After signup, change DNS MX record

Pro: install ZCS Mail Stronghold zimlet

Pro: route mail for outbound filtering option

Key Features

  • Secure, server-wide anti-spam/virus
  • 30-day no-obligation trial
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Convenient web Inbox integration
  • 99.9% SLA & 24x7 support
  • Proven: processing > 1 B emails/yr

Happy Testimonial

It's a great time-saver for our clients to be able to manage their own black/white lists from the Zimbra web client. Our spam and virus-related support tickets have decreased by more than 90% since we started service. Thanks, Mail Stronghold!

Jay - Senior Support Specialist
Customer since 2007, zMailCloud